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Microsoft word tutorial |How to insert images into word document table

Publicado el 30 mar. 2016 19.086.085 visualizaciones

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Learn Microsoft word:learning how to easily insert an image into the table in the document Microsoft word 2007. Note: To reduce file size, save : PDF file. Visit:

- Learn ms word easily:

- Learn ms excel easily:

- Learn PowerPoint easily:

- Learn photoshop easily:

- Mix Tutorial:

  • CS Gaming
    CS Gaming 1 araw ang nakalipas Now 19 Mils.... seem like people still get recommended by this
  • CS Gaming
    CS Gaming 1 linggo ang nakalipas (na-edit) now this tutorials is now 18 Mils (NOW 19 Mils) views, wtf YouTube? And it will going to 20 Mils views soon. I disabled Autoplay, meanwhile I still get recommended from this video.
  • Roxanne Ray
    Roxanne Ray 4 (na) araw ang nakalipas YT made me watch it....
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    Kiks 1 buwan ang nakalipas thnx autoplay, don't know what php tutorials have to do with word tutorials
  • GG series
    GG series 2 (na) linggo ang nakalipas 17,000,000,000 just for How to insert images into word document 100 views for how to hack word document password :)
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    Abdullah Al Jailani 1 linggo ang nakalipas People are ethical by nature...
  • CS Gaming
    CS Gaming 1 linggo ang nakalipas Now it's has 18 Millions views.
  • GG series
    GG series 1 linggo ang nakalipas @Stop Ya Shit B Holy Shit, I can't fix that :(
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    Stop Ya Shit B 1 linggo ang nakalipas GG series it was 17mil not 17bil. U put too many zeros
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    CS Gaming 1 linggo ang nakalipas yeah I also got this in my recommended too.
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  • Albatross News
    Albatross News 2 (na) linggo ang nakalipas LOLLLLLLLLLLL
  • Etownster Guy
    Etownster Guy 1 linggo ang nakalipas Not helpful at all. You left out the most important step, i.e., how to rotate the paper to get the correct orientation and page order for the back side printing!
  • Thomas S.
    Thomas S. 3 (na) buwan ang nakalipas This is a joke, right? Next tutorial: How to draw a line with paint.
  • Jason Salinas
    Jason Salinas 2 (na) buwan ang nakalipas well people clearly needed it
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    felix clicks 2 (na) buwan ang nakalipas the day is 24/04/2019, and am recommended this
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    Forya Beats 1 buwan ang nakalipas Nerd: watches 'AI learns to program AI' Youtube: Hold my algorithm! Recommends 'How to insert images into word document' Nerd: Good sense of humor, Youtube!
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    Gustavo Gagliardi 1 buwan ang nakalipas Olha
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    Pult 2 (na) buwan ang nakalipas I'm so happy I was recommended this! This helped me with my google docs presentation.
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  • GM_INF3RN0
    GM_INF3RN0 2 (na) buwan ang nakalipas This is word.
  • Elsis Sitati
    Elsis Sitati 1 linggo ang nakalipas I really loved how well you explained that. Thank you so much!
  • Étienne Parent
    Étienne Parent 4 (na) buwan ang nakalipas Google knows so much about me yet thinks I'm that bad at using Microsoft Words .... ok
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    Slave2PaperWithInkOn 1 buwan ang nakalipas I was watching 'How to insert TRUTH into news items.'
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    Shaz Obsession 1 buwan ang nakalipas Logo Design PEPSI In MS Word
  • Shaz Obsession
    Shaz Obsession 1 buwan ang nakalipas
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    Daniel Villanueva 3 (na) linggo ang nakalipas I'd like to go to CSS Camp 'cause I'd like to know more about the latest styling stuff!!
  • Paula Boatright
    Paula Boatright 1 buwan ang nakalipas this is so cool can you show us how to change word name to a picture.
  • James Macintyre
    James Macintyre 4 (na) buwan ang nakalipas From the point of view of a designer, I can truly say my eyes are bleeding.
  • Jane Arsham
    Jane Arsham 1 buwan ang nakalipas Thank you so much-- so simple that I couldn't figure it out!!
  • Melvan
    Melvan 4 (na) buwan ang nakalipas I watch fortnite "1 day later" Microsoft word tutorial as recommended i be like :|
  • Justin Kennedy
    Justin Kennedy 3 (na) araw ang nakalipas Hola profesor! Thank you for clarifying the assignments and plan for this week.
  • The Mexican Drawer
    The Mexican Drawer 5 (na) buwan ang nakalipas YouTube recommended me this when doing homework LMAO
  • km bm
    km bm 5 (na) araw ang nakalipas The shape of the el shape ( l ) is bouncing on the document, how do I set it in my document according to my need, think about how to bring 1 inch down, 2 inches on the left,please tell me, i am bangladesi,