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Vaya Con Dios - Farewell Song (lyrics)

Publicado el 28 oct. 2009 1.141.754 visualizaciones

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  • HesseJamez
    HesseJamez 3 (na) taon ang nakalipas I love that voice !!!
  • Maurizio Picone
    Maurizio Picone 1 taon ang nakalipas Darling now I'm gonna leave you One more time I shall deceive you The moon is round And the wolves are howling On hunting ground My pack is waiting We will never know why We were chosen by fate To perform all the rites That turned love into hate I'll see you grin when I pass you by I'll hear you curse my name I won't lower my eyes I won't cover my face You can call me a liar Try to put me to shame No, I have no desire To live my life in the shade You strut like a lion But you're a bird in a cage You set the rivers on fire But you got burned by the flames Forever now I'm gonna lose you These arms of mine Could never soothe you
  • Only Me
    Only Me 2 (na) taon ang nakalipas What powerful music and great lyrics. Love it
  • Barbie20152009
    Barbie20152009 2 (na) taon ang nakalipas This image is a beautiful expression of what I feel when I listen to this song. Thank you <3
  • Rozsa Maár
    Rozsa Maár 2 (na) taon ang nakalipas Több évtizedes szerelem ez a zene ! Szebbé teszi a napomat.
  • magdolna kiss
    magdolna kiss 5 (na) taon ang nakalipas prelepoooooooooooooo
  • bledar qorri
    bledar qorri 2 (na) taon ang nakalipas magdolna kiss=)
  • Christian Becker
    Christian Becker 1 buwan ang nakalipas Black letters on dark background are hard to read... The song is great nonetheless.
  • meli melisse
    meli melisse 4 (na) taon ang nakalipas Great Song , what great lyrics ... wow ... 
  • сергей тюнегов
    сергей тюнегов 5 (na) taon ang nakalipas невероятная певица.
  • Kubilay Utkaner
    Kubilay Utkaner 5 (na) taon ang nakalipas Vaya con dios' dinlemek.... Kendini bulmaktır
  • ewa reamberg
    ewa reamberg 5 (na) taon ang nakalipas I love this my fav.
  • sandra vieira
    sandra vieira 2 (na) taon ang nakalipas ewa reamberg
  • Mono Malo
    Mono Malo 6 (na) taon ang nakalipas this is one of the songs that lift my spirit! :D thanks for being!
  • khaidon
    khaidon 6 (na) taon ang nakalipas so great song!
  • Nikita Irene
    Nikita Irene 6 (na) taon ang nakalipas great song,awsome video ty
  • Oksana Maksimenko
    Oksana Maksimenko 6 (na) taon ang nakalipas just have visited the concert of Vaya Con Dios - magic voice , magic music, it is great!!!!
  • sorab777
    sorab777 6 (na) taon ang nakalipas The best woman voice ever in universe.
  • jamiepa71
    jamiepa71 6 (na) taon ang nakalipas she s my neighboor well almost :-) she s from belgium i live the country next door and me as a dutch man am very proud to have such a creative band in the neighboorcountry. peace
  • Margarita Sabeva
    Margarita Sabeva 6 (na) taon ang nakalipas I absolutely love, love ,love this song-one of my all time favorites!!! Dani is a fantastic singer , love all her songs in any language,so unbelievably blessed with such a powerful voice!!!
  • Albanianhustler
    Albanianhustler 6 (na) taon ang nakalipas amazing song! best band from venus ever ! greetings from mars !!
  • Μίλενα Μουραντίαν
    Μίλενα Μουραντίαν 7 (na) buwan ang nakalipas Tsa ben ?greek brothers........
  • arual1969
    arual1969 7 (na) taon ang nakalipas WHAT damit voice!